Monday, March 31, 2014

Indonesian Fried Noodles ( Bakmie Goreng ) and a Meetup

Here's a simple fried noodle dish , in indonesia it'a called Bakmie Goreng, their version of Chow Mein. In Indonesia, yellow noodles is one commonly used type of noodles and besides that, i also see quite a number of bakmie goreng which uses air dried noodles. So if we're using air dried noodles, we just do it like how we normally boil the air dried noodles till they are cook and then fry with the rest of the ingredients. Chicken meat is also commonly used in noodle dish as the majority population there are Muslims, you can use pork or any seafood if you like. There's no stock required, the initial sauteing of the onions and garlic and also the seasoning from the sweet soya sauce and fish sauce already made it a very tasty noodle dish.

Recipe adapted from here with some changes made

250gm yellow noodles
napa cabbage 60gm, cut into 1/4 inch width
2-3 bok choy leaves
10 prawns, peeled
80gm chicken meat
2 eggs
3-4 tbsp kicap manis ( sweet soy sauce )
1.5 tbsp fish sauce
3 shallots
2 cloves garlic
3tbsp cooking oil
some cut chilli ( optional )

Pound the shallots and garlic together. Heat up oil in wok and add in the pounded ingredients and fry till aromatic. Add in the chicken meat and prawns and cook till done Break the egg in and cook, stir a little and cook till done.  Put in the vegetables and cook till they are soft then add in the noodles, chilli, kicap manis and fish sauce. Give them a good stir and mix well. Remove from wok.

I am linking this post to Asian Food Fest : Indonesia ( March 2014 ) hosted by Alice of I Love. I Cook. I Bake

Just over the weekend, i had a meet up with some of our friends here at Gertrude's place. Gertrude or some of you may know her as Gert, runs her blog My Kitchen Snippets. She is one of the earliest who started blogging among our circle here, back in 2006 and is still blogging actively now. She has tons of delicious recipes in her blog, do drop by and visit. Gert is just coming back to Malaysia for holidays and will be returning to US next week, very happy to meet her for the first time. So everyone contributed something to the lunch gathering and here are some photos..

photo courtesy of Jen@Chasing Food Dreams

from Lto R : Jen ( Chasing Food Dreams )Abbygail ( Abbygail's Kitchen )Wendy ( Table for 2..or more )Shannon ( Just As Delish )Gertrude ( My Kitchen Snippets ),  Swee San ( The Sweet Spot )
Pic courtesy of Jen

Shannon said it's a good view from the top but oi shannon! please dont fall on the food..we still havent eaten yet :D


  1. Lena, we have not met for some time now :p still so slim after all the nice yummy food you cooked ! Wa...all the food looks yummy leh. Glad you guys had a wonderful time together :) and your Indonesian fried noodles look scrumptious...must give it a try one of these days !

  2. Oh btw..I forgot to tell you MyKnick Knack has changed to I see you still having my old KnickKnack on your interesting reads :)

  3. Hi Lena, I have just come back to blogging, haven't updated for nearly 2 weeks now but I'm still here, no school holidays yet, just not having enough time lately, hehe. I seldom have Indonesian food but your dish looks very attractive to me. Looks like you had a good time catching up with the blogging buddies!

  4. Hi Lena, happy to see your picture, and what a nice dimple you have! Have a great week ahead:))

  5. Hi Lena , what a great time was had by all . I love Chow Mein , thanks for the recipe and sharing the gorgeous food . :)

  6. Hi Lena
    Wow, look at your group photo, all the talented ladies gathering together with all those good yummy food on the table. Wish I was there too ( Wendy did invite me but I was away). Hope next time I got to meet some of you too.

  7. Nice to see some faces to the blogs I read.

  8. Hi Lena,
    That is a delicious plate of noodles! It is almost lunch time, and wishing that is my lunch!
    Nice gathering, and such lovely food!

  9. Noodles look yummy, the main difference is in the kecap manis and fish sauce, huh. Must give this a try one day. All of you must have had great fun with the lovely company and good food!

  10. Lena , wonderful group photo ! The spread looks fantastic and I'm sure all of you had a great time that day , oh , and a full belly as well lol I've got this bakmie goreng recipe from the magazine that I've been planning to try , will have to compare it your recipe first before I make it ;D

  11. Sad I couldn't make it to the gathering but it looks like so much fun! All you ladies are looking fantabulous!

  12. i love fried noodle dishes. mine however, never look as clean as yours. They always tend to be more messy in texture. Why is that?

  13. Hi Lena,

    I envy you for having such an interesting social life with blogging friends. Me just chatting with everyone via computer and comments :p

    Everything looks so delicious and sexy in this post... including the girls and your bakmie goreng :p


  14. How exciting to all meet and share food together, Lena. LOVE, LOVE , love those group shots!!! Hey, the Noodle Dish doesn't sound half bad either. It's a funny thing about noodle dishes, I especially crave them when I am not feeling well. And today, I feel a cold coming on, lol...Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and of course this recipe:)

  15. My kind of dish!! I will go ga ga over this if I was there!

  16. What a fun and delicious meet-up!
    Your stir-fried noodles looks homey and delicious, Lena.

  17. Your Indon noodles look so inviting, like the first picture. Bet you gals had a lovely get-together!

  18. Hi Lena! I can't stop giggling because when I saw your title "...Bakmie Goreng and a Meetup" I read the Meetup as "Mee Tup". I was wondering there are two types of noodles, one Bakmie and one Mee Tup. Apa itu mee tup? up hee..hee...Anyway, sorry for my grandmother story. The Bakmie looks like our usual mee goreng and I know it is delicious. Too bad I couldn't make it for the gathering. So much good food that I missed!

    1. gosh, you made me laugh so hard :D

  19. Looks delicious! I love that you get together with a group of blogging friends. I do the same thing and we are doing a bloggers weekend at the end of the month!

  20. Lena, your bakmie goreng look so sedap n seems you had a fun reunion.

  21. Gosh, I am hungry ! Drooling here early in the morning. Wish I can have some of your Indon noodle. Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time with Gert. Guess, you're the youngest among all the blogger meat up. hehe....
    Blessings, Kristy

  22. Hi Lena,
    Sorry for my super late visit :p
    Oh!! Your Indon chow main looks yum!!
    Guess what... From your title I thought this Indon chow main have 2 names ( bakmie and mee tup) :p Then I read the comments and found Phong Hong's comment.

  23. HI Lena:) Hope all is well with you and yours:) As for that picture on my post, yes I did take it but it is a hawk rather than an owl. I wish it were an Owl then I would be so much wiser when it came to taking pictures, lol..."See" you soon:)

  24. Such a noodle though may not simple can be very enticing to me :)

  25. Lena, the noodle looks so delish! and a nice gathering and so much good food, lucky you heeheehee...

  26. Awesome post, thanks for sharing this post..

  27. Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..